Welcome to FFF

Look into a crystal ball. Take a hard look at your community. Examine your vision. What is it you like about your community? What about it needs to change?

Now comes the hard part.

Implement those changes and make Fergus Falls a better place.

It’s a challenge, isn’t it?

But it’s a real-life challenge that a group of community members in Fergus Falls is tapping the talents of its innovating community leaders to help create vision for its future and continue traveling down a path towards finding this community’s destiny.

The initial group of leaders, born out of participants of The Blandin Leadership group and the EIC Board, includes Lori Larson, Lisa Workman, Jean Bowman, Harold Stanislawski, Doug Houska, Larry Shulz, Bonnie Ewert, Bruce Fuhrman, Greg Stumbo and others, sought out commitments from 25 to 35 other Fergus Falls “leaders” to help embark on this long, hard-fought, but rewarding journey with them.

If you are interested in getting involved in this ongoing initiative, please call the FFEIC at 218-332-5458.


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