February 5, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Attendance: Mary Pettit, Greg Wagner, John Hansen, Mary Matteson, Amy Baldwin, Megan Shubitz, Rod Spidahl, Jean Bowman, Jerry Ness, Erin Smith, Rick Schara, Ryan Miller


As the meeting began there was discussion around WCCO’s Goin’ To The Frozen Lake visit to Fergus Falls. The community had a great showing on the first day of WCCO’s visit. In addition to broadcasting live from Lake Alice during the 5 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock news, WCCO’s Chris Shaffer and Frank Vascellaro toured the community and recorded a number of videos highlighting Fergus Falls.
Follow the link below for WCCO’s full story, along with each video segment.

Amy Baldwin welcomed attendees and reviewed the Agenda.

Review 2016 Priority Destiny Drivers.
Baldwin recapped the January All Stewards meeting that included a prioritization of Destiny Drivers for 2016.  The priority drivers include:

– Ongoing support and efforts help establish a healthy, vibrant business and workforce environment.
– Support continued efforts to engage the community in a discussion of the library’s expansion and funding.
– The development of family oriented activities/aquatic facility enhances community livability.
– Leadership growth continues in Fergus Falls with new and renewed leadership development and participation.
– Help promote the preservation and enhancement of our historic downtown and riverfront.

Baldwin mentioned that the remaining Destiny Drivers are still a part of the full list, however, these have been identified as priorities to push in 2016.

There was further discussion on the family oriented activities driver. Rod Spidahl mentioned that there may already be some efforts associated with this driver that a Forward Fergus Falls committee could collaborate with. Baldwin also noted that many people are “jazzed” about this destiny driver and while developing a committee will be no problem, a champion has yet to be identified.

Spidahl mentioned that the downtown and riverfront driver could incorporate many elements, such as efforts around the North Country Trail and offered to join the driver’s committee.

Anyone else interested in volunteering to join or lead a driver committee can contact Amy Baldwin or Ryan Miller at any time.

Committee Goal Setting.
Baldwin introduced the SMART goal setting concept. SMART goal setting is intended to help facilitate a committee’s development, organization, and implementation of goals. This process should help committees focus on and progress towards achieving the destiny described in their driver.

Megan Shubitz, Rich Schara, and Rod Spidahl offered to help facilitate the SMART goal process by working with Destiny Driver committees to set up and implement their goals.  To help, a SMART Goal worksheet was handed out to all in attendance.

Going forward, each committee will present any updates that they have at monthly All Stewards meetings.

The group discussed the need to get leadership within the community working together.  Most who attend Forward Fergus Falls have traditionally attended through work, however, there are other leaders in the community that could provide extra leadership to the group.

Attendees discussed the history of Blandin leaders in the community. Around seventy-five individuals in Fergus Falls have completed the Blandin Community Leadership Program that teaches the eight dimensions of a healthy community (Life-Long Learning, Economic Opportunity, Infrastructure and Services, Environmental Stewardship, Community Leadership, Safety and Security, Spiritual, Recreational, and Artistic Opportunities, and Inclusion.)  Jerry Ness mentioned that a part of the training process is to identify individual ways to be leaders in the community and those who have completed the training should continue taking ownership in their role as leaders.

Group Updates.
Erin Smith provided an update on the Library Renewal Project. A second open house took place on January 28th.  Around one-hundred people attended and walked through the current Library. The presentation posters are still up for those that want to stop in and check them out.  Stephanie Goerger Sandahl was not able to make this month’s Forward Fergus Falls meeting but will try to provide an update in March.

All Stewards meeting minutes will now be emailed through Mail Chimp. This will help better manage the Forward Fergus Falls email distribution list by monitoring and promoting engagement.

Smith passed around a flyer for Frostbite Festival.  The flyer can also be found online at the Chamber’s website here.

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