May 6, 2016 Meeting Minutes


Megan Shubitz, Mary Matteson, Laurie Mullen, Tim Erickson, Hal Leland, Greg Wagner, Rick Schara, Scott Norton, Ryan Mille


Greg Wagner welcomed those in attendance and asked for everyone to introduce themselves to the group.

Driver Updates

1.Amy Baldwin was not in attendance to provide an update for the business and workforce development driver.

Rick noted that M State will start offering scholarships for single mothers. Other programs will be discussed at the upcoming Workforce Solutions Summit.

Greg mentioned that a Chamber of Commerce workforce committee has talked with M State to develop a mentorship program.

Rick attended a meeting in Brainerd where an apprenticeship program with healthcare and manufacturing was discussed.

Mary asked about new legislation for the Worker Economic Opportunity Act.

Mary also mentioned major changes to the Career Expo. Seniors will be off campus with the hopes of integrating students into the community and visit places on site

2. Ryan passed around a library handout.

Mayor Leland mentioned that major milestones are coming and preparing for a referendum will take every group and voice to get it done. In the meantime, the fundraising team will need to get their work done.

3. Greg mentioned that the contact for the family oriented activities driver is still vacant, however, a group is meeting quietly in order to not jump the library project.

Laurie mentioned that someone has asked about the K-Mart facility for a potential aquatic center.

4. Ryan read an update provided by Jean Bowman, who was not in attendance. The Blandin Community Leadership Program has approved another Fergus Falls class. The class will occur February 27 – March 3, 2017. The leadership committee will start recruiting this summer for the twenty-four spots in the class. The committee is cleaning up the contact list of Blandin grads. A reunion social will take place May 18, 5 pm at the Spot for past grads. The leadership committee will be raising awareness of upcoming elected open spots on the City Council and School Board

5. Laurie stated there is good news for riverfront development. The City is moving forward with purchasing the dairy property. An RFP is out. Ryan mentioned that the RFP has now closed. Regarding the RTC, all information from an RFP and marketing campaign by Colliers should be ready by December.

Summerfest will be June 10-11. Volunteers are being sought to help with activities for 10-13 year olds.

The annual classic car show will be August 7.

The Kirkbride Arts and Culture weekend will be September 16-18.

Mayor Leland detailed the Kirkbride RFP. All projects are dependent on action by the State Legislature who must come up with a bonding bill.

Ryan mentioned the new Shop, Move n’ Groove event will take place in Downtown Fergus Falls on Wednesday, July 13 from 3-7 pm.

Laurie stated that Goldmark Schlossman has completed work on the old Catholic Charities building and are now working on more of the old brick buildings.

Laurie is attending a “Hackathon” event that follows the Leonardo’s Basement program. Laurie also discussed the Makers Fair that was held for the first time last year. The Makers Fair allows space for people of all ages to show what they have built.

Laurie asked who is covering for Brad Brzezinski now that he has moved on from our region. Rick mentioned he is still the contact until someone else is hired.

Community Celebration – June 16, 2016

West Central Initiative is running reservations, which is now live. Ryan will be sending emails with the reservation information. Volunteers are still being sought.

Laurie asked what drivers will be highlighted and mentioned that the RTC should be added to the list highlighted.

Rick Schara was volunteered to MC again this year.

Mary stated that they usually put inserts for the Community Celebration in student’s backpacks going home for the summer.

2016 Fall Meetings – Time & Location

The preference is to continue with the Friday at Noon time moving forward, however the current location is not working very well.

Mayor Leland suggested to look into meeting at the Kaddatz Gallery meeting space in back. Laurie mentioned there may be a fee for that space.

Greg mentioned that the preference would be to keep meeting downtown but West Central Initiative could provide the meeting space as well. Greg also mentioned the Police Station.

Rick mentioned that the workforce center has meeting space in back as well.

Mary mentioned that the Community Ed offices have a meeting room but that it is not very private.

Laurie also mentioned Legacy Hall and the Airport.

Other/Community Updates

Rick stated that fundraising for the disc golf course is open. A one-time sponsorship of $500 is available to sponsor a hole.

Laurie asked if disc golf could be done with portable holes at the RTC as an activity for Summerfest.

Greg noted that the first concrete pour took place for the updated Veterans Memorial.

Laurie asked what the community would like to see done with the vacant K-Mart facility. There have a few possibilities turned down because the potential uses were not appealing.

Mary mentioned that lifeguard training is on-going.

Rick asked if there was an “R U New Here” event. Mary advised there was. Rick stated he would like some handouts for the next event to handout at the workforce center.

Scott mentioned that Century 21 has provide tours for new people and visitors to sell the community.

Rick stated that the new casino will have 500 employees and some may live in/move to Fergus Falls.

Laurie had two different people come to Fergus Falls wanting to move out of the Twin Cities.

Mayor Leland stated we need to continue to be friendlier.

Next meeting – Community Celebration, June 16, 7:00 am, M State Legacy Hall

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