Learn about being green through a variety of hands-on learning stations – topics include:

  • Composting with Worms & Backyard Composting – featuring COMPOST MAN!
  • Energy Conservation
  • Paper NOR Plastic: Sew your own reusable grocery bag
  • Landfill Languish: How long does STUFF really stick around after we throw it away?
  • Local Foods
  • The Multi-Modal Corridor: Try out alternative transportation options such as longboarding (bring a helmet if you can!)
  • All Aboard! The Alternative Transportation Station: Includes route maps & more
  • Get fitted for a FREE bike helmet (while supplies last)
  • It’s a PACKAGE DEAL: The Pacific Garbage Patch & overpackaged goods
  • You could REUSE that! Sit down with the Girl Scouts & make a REUSABLE craft
  • Modern Cloth Diapers – No Pins Required: View a variety of reusable diaper styles & try them on a “baby”
  • Don’t Throw Away Your Leftovers! Learn about proper disposal of Household Hazardous Waste
  • Choose to REUSE: Habitat for Humanity will “school you” on household renovation items you can donate for reuse
  • Green Construction
  • Recycling in Fergus Falls: Curb-Side & Beyond
  • Tree City USA: The importance of caring for the trees in Fergus Falls
  • Caring for our WATER: Use a stream model to learn about water quality
  • Make Your Own Recycled Paper
  • Close the Loop: What happens to our recyclables when they leave our home?
  • Adaptive reuse options for the Kirkbride Building


Download as PDF Get Schooled On Green extended listing



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